Master & Dynamic: Redefining Sound Tools for the Creative Class

Earlier this spring, Business Insider said what we were all thinking: Michael Kors isn’t cool anymore. Morgan Stanley removed the sportswear brand from its atsst Ideas list, shares dropped 37 percent, inventory was up another 65 (meaning product wasn’t being sold), and thanks to the introduction of diffusion lines and lower price points, its accessibility […]

THINX Underwear: New Period Panties Breaking Taboos Around Menstruation

If you think launching a startup sounds tough, try launching a startup that’s talking about periods. Fortunately, THINX was up for the challenge, and created underwear with built-in technology just for that time of the month. At a glance, the THINX undies look like any other lingerie: black and lacy, in what they call “the […]

Seeing Double: Zoe Kazan on Transformation and “The Pretty One”

What’s your identity? Beyond the figure you see in the mirror, the façade you fabricate for social media, the friends, and the outside world? Who. Are. You? Zoe Kazan—actress and screenwriter best-known for 2012’s Ruby Sparks—explored that notion with The Pretty One, a once blacklisted dark comedy from Jenée LaMarque that plays with concepts of […]

Taking Shape: Nnenna Okore at BAM’s 2014 DanceAfrica Festival

Images of sculptures don’t exactly pop into one’s mind when thinking about dance or performance art. But for acclaimed visual artist Nnenna Okore, drawing parallels between the two art forms is easy to do when you consider their use of motion. Both employ labor-intensive techniques to enter another realm of creativity and form. Like dancers, […]

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