Grits & Biscuits: Making a Professional Party Brand

Ashley C. 08.21.13 Culture
Grits and Biscuits

The reputation of the Grits & Biscuits party precedes it. Announced randomly via Southern-culinary-themed fliers, and catering to those with an ear for music from the “Dirty South” and no fear of perspiration,Grits & Biscuits is a jam-packed, no-frills affair where, as one email blast put it, “you are able to recite 2 Chainz lyrics with… professional people without being judged.” Behind the event is the trio partygoers known as E.Z.Mo Breezy: Erika Lewis, and brothers Alzo and Maurice Slade, who hail from Raleigh, North Carolina, Tallahassee, Florida, and Houston, Texas, respectively. While Grits & Biscuits parties are markedly carefree, E.Z.Mo Breezy takes what they do very seriously.

Erika and Alzo cooked up the idea for the party after realizing that there was a void of Southern music at events in New York. Maurice, who moonlights as DJ Square Biz, rounded out the group by coming on as “the minister of music,” as Alzo puts it. The innovative trio wanted the name of the party to epitomize their beloved home region of the U.S. “We wanted something that immediately when you heard it, you thought about the South,” says Erika. The first party was advertised through just an email blast, a Facebook invite, and word of mouth. Every party since has been sold out, attracting everyone from doctors, attorneys, and media professionals to Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Solange.

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